Posted by: hankwillenbrink | October 9, 2008

Pinback on Stage (Headliners 10/10) and in the Paper

Pinback plays tomorrow night at Headliners for a scant $15.  Unfortunately, I can’t make it, because I’m working on Durang/Durang at the Kentucky Center.  So, y’all be my eyes and ears, i’ite?  Thankfully, I got a chance to talk with Rob Crow (half of Pinback, curator of all things comic, Robot carrier, musician extrordinaire) for the LEO a couple weeks ago.  Cuz the LEO asked me to do it, I can’t post the interview here, but I’m linking it up for you and leaving you some tasty Pinback tracks as well.  Should be a great show.  Tear.

Rob Crow Interview


Pinback – From Nothing to Nowhere (from Autumn of the Seraphs)

Pinback – Good to Sea (from Autumn of the Seraphs)

Pinback – Penelope (from Blue Screen Life)

Pinback – AFK (from Summer in Abadon)

and for those uninitiated:

Slint – Good Morning Captain (from Spiderland)


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