Posted by: Cory | January 30, 2008

LAVA House Residents Need Our Help

The Lava House Residents need our help after being displaced by a tragic fire last week.  Mr. Bill Christie lost his life in the fire.  His dog Helvis was also taken by the fire.  Residents Bart, Hannah and Seed lost everything they owned. Thousands of dollars of art and materials just gone. Fortunately, the community is stepping up to do everything in its power to honor Bill and get the others back on their feet.

Glassworks is going to match Dollar for Dollar every donation made ON THEIR WEBSITE.

Also, the Germantown/Paristown neighborhood is collecting donations “on behalf of the LAVA House” for “those involved with the lava house.”

Art is at the core of this city, so please do your part to get the Lava House Residents back on their feet.

The LAVA House’s web page remembers Mr. Bill Christie with these words:

“Mr. Bill passed over to the other side late Sunday morning on January 27th, 2008. He will live forever in the LAVA House story and will rest closely to our hearts for the rest of our lives. He made us laugh, made us fume, and always kept us on our toes. His feisty personality was a signature at the LAVA House from the time artists arrived until it came to the ground. Bill loved people and loved his life, which he lived to the absolute fullest. We will always be reminded of his regular phrases like “I ain’t dead yet”, “I ain’t wed, I ain’t dead, and I ain’t gay” (referring to his interest in the ladies), “I been there, seen it, done it”, and “Hey… Who loves us?” to which we would reply back to him, “We do”. “Mr. Bill” Christy, we love ya forever daddy-o…”

Ways You Can Help

  • Decide how you want to contribute (residential relief or studio relief, explained below)
  • Purchase items on the “list of needs” (see below)
  • Collect or donate money
  • Organize a benefit show

List of Needs

How you help, what you give, and who you help is your choice. We realize that some people might like to donate tools and art supplies to the artists, while others might want to donate clothing and food to the residents. It all helps! We are trying to keep this organized and fairly distributed amongst all those who have suffered a loss.

Since the LAVA House served the dual purposes of living space and art studios, we are dealing with a complex web of needs. We are organizing the “needs” into two main categories:

1. Residential Needs – Several Glassworks employees were victim to a house/studio fire on 1/26/08 at the Lava House. They did not make it out with anything – no car keys, no IDs, not even shoes. One particular employee lost his dog in the fire. Donations for the residents are being collected by Glassworks / Architectural Glass Art and they have pladged to match all donations. The money collected by Glassworks will be split three ways between Bart, Hannah, and Seed.
2. Studio Supplies – There were 9 artists who lost their studios. Monetary donations are being collected through a paypal account set up by the German-Paristown Neighborhood Association. Please visit the donation page to contribute.

Residential Needs
Bart Herre, Hannah Cameron, and Seed (Joshua Grubbs) lost everything they owned in the fire, because they were living there.

  • RegistryBart, Hannah, and Seed will be registering at Target (Monday 1/28 & Tuesday 1/29) for things they need replaced. Bart and Hannah are a couple, so they will have a combined registry. Seed will have his own personal registry. More information will be posted after they have registered.
  • Gift Cards – Kroger, Valu-Market, Walgreens, Valu-City, Meijer, and especially Visa gift cards because they can use them anyplace
  • Furniture – couch(s), beds, night stands, dressers, chests, tables & chairs, desks
  • Duffle bags
  • Pots and Pans

Monetary Donations

  • Mail checks to Hannah and Bart, here:
    Bart Herre & Hannah Cameron
    c/o Noel Hawley
    971 Samuel Street
    Louisville, KY 40204
    *** Architectural Glass Art/Glassworks is collecting donations for the LAVA house residents and matching them through AGA/Glassworks. People can make donations via credit card through their online store
  • Mail checks to Seed, here:
    Joshua Grubbs
    c/o Aron Conaway & Hallie Jones
    941 Shelby Parkway #1
    Louisville, KY 40204

DO NOT MAIL CASH! If you have cash to donate, please contact Hallie Jones (502-641-4413) or Aron Conaway (502-758-8338). We will make arrangements with you.


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