Posted by: Cory | July 31, 2009

Juffage, Tints, the-zero-element, Karass @ Skull Alley – 8/5

Juffage, Tints, the-zero-element, & Karass are performing at Skull Alley on August 5th in celebration of Rahman’s birthday albeit 2 days belated, because, well,he’ll only turn 28 once. It’s hardly a secret that we love The Zero Element and while their instrumental dance rock may not do it for everyone, I find them to be one of the absolute best bands in the area. For me, VHS or Beta’s “Irreversible” is the finest moment on their Night on Fire album, and if they were to stick to the path created by that song, they would be The Zero Element.

Karass is the new side project of Greg Ward from the Zero Element, and you can grab a copy of the album HERE.

Juffage appears to be one of the hardest working bands coming out of Chicago with an exhaustive tour schedule reminiscent of These United States. Described as a one-man-band who loops everything he can fit into his car all the while changing the face of experimental music as we know it, Jeff T. Smith’s loops of “fuzzed-out bass line and tribal drums sound like a tape salvaged from humanity’s final days on Earth” – Andy Downing, Chicago Tribune

Tints is new to us, and we look forward to seeing what they’ve got.  From the sound of their MySpace page, they seem to conflict with the other fairly electro sounds of the other bands, but it could present a nice mix of talent and style.

And because it’s Rahman’s Birthday, Backseat Sandbar presents…an absurd video of Rahman…

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