Posted by: Cory | July 30, 2009

Invaders, D. Rider, Buffalo Bill, Ben Purdom @ Glassworks Rooftop – 8/7

Invaders, D. Rider (Members of U.S. Maple), Buffalo Bill and Ben Purdom are performing on August 7th @ the Glassworks Rooftop. As I’m sure we’ve made clear, we love parties on the Glassworks Rooftop, and hearing good music tops it off perfectly. For $7 you get not only great music, but great atmosphere with a great view of the city.  Below is a little press…

“Invaders live near rock music but probably won’t be understood by the AC/DC fan next door. Fans of the Sun City Girls and early Butthole Surfers will be pleased, however, to find a new psychedelic, grainy mindblast of a band.” -Velocity

“…D. Rider is expanding the boundaries of what a rock band can sound like while maintaining it’s credibility. The hypnotic continuity of their debut work [Mother of Curses] is unexpected and requires the listener to think newly upon what they expect from independent music these days.” -CMJ

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