Posted by: Cory | July 29, 2009

John Berry & the Outliers, Chickens and Pigs @Seidenfadens – 8/1

John Berry & the Outliers and Chickens and Pigs are performing at Seidenfadens on August 1st for $5.  In my invitation to the show, it simply read:

Requirements: Dancing shoes, Bourbon, and a Cab ride home. You won’t be leaving on your own.

Those requirements seem about right, although being 21+ and having $5 would be additional minimum requirements.  John Berry is known for the kind of fun honky tonk music that moves crowds, even those without the disposition towards honky tonk, so long as they’ll open themselves to having fun.

Check out the press on John…

We have lived through and era of low- rent honky tonk revival, and all the caricature which sometimes goes with that. Johnny Berry’s songs are well-rooted but strikingly timeless. Not affected, but effective. Concious, but not self-concious.
-Grant’s Rants – 3/2007

Fegenbush Farm would have gone gold 30 years ago.Johnny Berry will have to settle for the knowledge that he creates some of the best traditional country music of his generation
-Chuck Norton-Performer Magazine Southeast – 8/2006

Fegenbush Farm is a bit of a triumph, addled with gentle and dark humor, the songs are addictive, and hearing Johnny Berry’s voice is the audio equivalant of eating a very rich, delicious bar of dark velvety chocolate.
-Sian Claire Owen-Americana – 7/2006

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