Posted by: Cory | July 28, 2009

The Instruction on WFPK’s “Live Lunch” – 7/31

One of our absolute favorite local bands, The Instruction, will be performing on 91.9 WFPK’s Live Lunch on July 31st at noon.  The Instruction have been having a deservedly good year, having been signed by local record label sonaBLAST! Records for the release of their debut Failure to Launch, as well as performing at this year’s Forecastle Music Festival, getting airtime on 91.9 WFPK and now getting a Live Lunch spot.  Expect to hear some incredible talent and if you’ve not heard these guys yet, expect to be ashamed of yourself.

If you’re stuck in-doors, you can listen to the show on 91.9 WFPK, or you can stream the show HERE. Otherwise, 70 people people can get in to catch the performance with the doors opening at 11:30.  WFPK members can reserve their spots and potentially get free lunch by calling (502) 814-6565

The Instruction -Mayday
The Instruction – Hello Darlin’
The Instruction – Into the Tomorrow

Below is a press release for the debut album.  Look out for their official album release party tentatively scheduled for Glassworks.

July 31 -The Instruction

With often dark and introspective lyrics draped over eclectic guitar riffs, The Instruction (a foursome comprised of Blake Sakal, Wes Hawthorne, Jeremy Stein, and Brandon Terrell) has made its mark through relentless and energetic live shows, sharing the stage with everyone from These United States to Thao with the Get Down Stay Down and MC Chris.  With their SonaBLAST! Records debut, Failure by Design, the group is ready to move forward into the rest of the world.

Hailing from Louisville, KY, home to such enigmatic and diverse musical icons as Slint, Will Oldham, My Morning Jacket, Rachels and a wide array of 70s punk bands, it shouldn’t be terribly surprising to find The Instruction’s sound as something fresh in the face of an oversaturated indie rock market focused on gimmicks.  This is perhaps never more true than with songs like Mayday, Hello Darlin’ & Into the Tomorrow, which display the kind of raw emotion that would be right at home in both the indie charts and commercial radio.  While you can sometimes feel vague nods to their influences, Failure by Design is at all times their own, dripping with eclectic guitar riffs, pinpoint transitions, pumping bass, and infectious choruses.  The Instruction is founded on Stein and Terrell’s hermetic rhythm section with guitars that are abrasive in all the right ways, and at the very core of their sound is Sakal’s vocals, which bring to mind the grit and masculine sexuality of Jim Morrison.  Tight production and years of playing together complete the package, and with a new release, a new record deal, a solid fan base and a series of music festivals on the bill, The Instruction is going to surprise and enrapture you. Listen, Learn, Love.

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