Posted by: Nick | July 27, 2009

PHOTOS: Lexington’s Busters is Looking Good

If you didn’t already know, BUSTER’S is going to be back in Lexington.  Once leveled with The Dame for a big ass hotel/corporate building, both venues are now back up and running, only in different locations.  The new Buster’s is located in the Old Tarr Distillery and will be able to host shows with about a 1,000 person capacity.  It will be interesting in how it turns out, but it is definately a void that Lexington needed filled. Best of luck to Buster’s.  Headliner’s may need to step it up with the new competition.

From BizLex…

Buster’s Billiards and Backroom will open this August in the Distillery District’s Old Tarr Distillery. The design, by architect and interior designer Rebecca Burnworth, sets aside one third of the floor plan to recreate Buster’s in the style that was known and loved by loyal patrons of its previous spot on the southwest corner of Main and Upper, with the remaining two-thirds, the “Backroom,” to become a 1,000-plus capacity rock hall, featuring all the amenities required to attract top touring bands and accommodate the crowds they are expected to draw.

…[the] concept evolved, blending a regular bar and a rock hall and creating a missing link in the chain of mid-sized music venues that agents for up-and-coming national acts look for as they plot the routing of their touring clients — bands currently bypassing Lexington to play Louisville’s Headliners and Cincinnati’s Bogart’s.

From VIP Loft From Front Corner by LaptopHeaven

From VIP Loft #3 by LaptopHeaven From Back Bar by LaptopHeaven

From Front Door by LaptopHeaven From VIP Loft #2 by LaptopHeaven

Mural Outside Busters by LaptopHeaven From Stage by LaptopHeaven


  1. I’m so psyched about the upcoming SilverSun Pickups show! Hooray for Buster’s being back in action soon!

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