Posted by: Scott | July 25, 2009

The Parade Schedule Picked Up By KC Record Label (Part One)!


There is a good chance that you have stumbled into a set by The Parade Schedule somewhere around town because frontman Matt Kinder has been setting up shop all over town for the past few years.  Kinder falls under the tutelage of great masters of indie-folk like  Damien Jurado, David Bazan or J. Tillman.  His sepia-folk style sets him apart from a lot of his contemporaries and his songwriting constantly captures loss, love, duty, and honor like few can.  The arrangements are lush and his blue-collar delivery is complemented greatly by the harmonies of Jenn Feikert.  The band is, more or less, completely the product of Matt Kinder, but is rounded out by a slew of talented musicians.  You might even catch the wonderful Brooks Ritter playing guitar and singing with him.  On another night you might just catch Matt singing by himself.  Either way, you’re in luck.  I have been waiting for a proper release of theirs since I first caught a set of Matt’s about 3 years ago at Lisa’s Oak St. Lounge.  Even though they haven’t had a full-length out yet, there are already some classic Parade Schedule songs that I sing constantly.  Songs like “Backyard” and “Dye Your Hair” are songs that I really wish I would have written and others like “The Repentant Backstabber”, “Old”, or “Wolf Skin” are so good I could listen to them all day long and never get sick of them.  The Parade Schedule makes beautiful music that will stick with you like a familiar memory.

Recently, the band was just signed to the incredible record label out of Kansas City entitled The Record Machine.  They have been known for slinging great releases by bands like State Bird and The Winston Jazz Routine and even local instrumental band Interstates.  The Record Machine will be putting out The Parade Schedule debut full-length Seeds To Be Planted, Trees To Be Cut in September.  Any time a local band gets picked up by a label of this caliber, it is a great thing for our music community.  It couldn’t have happened to a nicer group of hard-working folks than The Parade Schedule.  I tracked down The Record Machine’s co-owner and main-dude Nathan Reusch and got him to answer some questions about The Parade Schedule and The Record Machine in case some of you aren’t familiar yet. (Interview and video after the jump.)

BS: Who are you and what is The Record Machine (include how long you’ve been doing it, etc)?

I am Nathan Reusch – Co-owner of The Record Machine. I live in Kansas City, MO where I have been doing The Record Machine for about 6 years. We are a indie label. I always hate finding words to describe what we do because I always want to use all these different adjectives like community, boutique, artisan, diy but they always feel pretentious. In the long run we release music with our friends and I don’t want attach anything else to it.

BS: You’ve put out some great records over the past few years, what are some of your favorites and why?

I would feel terrible choosing one record over another. It is like asking a parent which of their kids is their favorite. I really try to maintain the attitude that I am the biggest fan of everyone on the label and try to do things that I think people would appreciate if they were those shoes.

BS: If you could work with one band right now that isn’t on a major or indie-major, who would it be?

I have really into indie/dance stuff and totally mesmerized by Vega, Weird Tapes, Neon Indian, Teengirl Fantasy, Toro Y Ami. The whole sound even if it is kind of this weird throwback to 80’s just seems really fresh to me. I think part of it is just that it is summer time and I really want these blissful things that make me want to dance and make me want chill out if that is the mood I am in.

BS: What type of qualities do you typically look for in a band that you sign?  How important is it that a band is self-sufficient?

I have to be drawn to the band for some reason or another. Most of the time I just can’t stop listening to it. We get lucky because so many of the bands we work are friends with each other or friends of friends. I like to think of the label as a big family. We get involved with bands at all different levels sometimes we are booking shows and sometimes we are handing the press and doing whatever and some bands want to have a level of more hands on with those things. I get to a certain point where I work on whoever is busy working on stuff too. So if all my bands are working and doing stuff I don’t really have much time for sleep which is kind of true right now.

BS: What is the best way for a band to get recognized by someone putting out other people’s records like yourself?

Make an impression on one of my bands. That is a lot of the reason we ended up signing Matt. Alex from Interstates kept calling me all the time and telling me how great he was. Also make a splash in some blogs. I am always reading stuff and looking for bands that I might be into and I think can reach a larger audience then they already are.

BS: In your own words, how would you describe The Parade Schedule?

I always try to be careful because I don’t want to get into total PR speaking mode. I think Matt is really passionate musician who is writing these great songs that have potential to really affect people. After seeing him play last weekend I think he is going to keep growing and get to this point where he will really blow some people away.

BS: What drew you to The Parade Schedule and why did you decide to put out their record?

When you listen to his music and talk with Matt you realize how heartfelt and sincere he is. I feel like for being a singer/songwriter that is really important. All of his songs and characters have this really lived in quality to them. Where some people you hear them and see them and you’re like, “This is bullshit.”

BS: What is the name of the record and when does it come out?

The record is called Seeds To Be Planted, Trees To Be Cut and it should be out digitally (itunes and whatever else) in September and then we will have some cds pressed up hopefully sometime later this fall.

BS: What are some of the other projects you have percolating that you’re excited about?

The Record Machine roster has been growing like crazy this year. We have a lot of really awesome records coming out. The easiest thing I can tell everyone to do is go check out our new sampler at There is new stuff there from almost all of our new records. Looks for new records from Perhapsy, Max Justus, The Parade Schedule, Capybara, Sam Billen, State Bird, Caleb Winn, also we will be releasing a double record for Louisville’s own Of Asaph. Alex and the guys are planning a reunion at some point and we are going to give their releases the proper treatment they should have gotten the first time around.

Keep tuned after the weekend and I will be continuing this post with an interview with Matt Kinder himself of The Parade Schedule.  Many thanks to Nathan for doing the interview and for paying such good attention to what’s going on in Louisville.

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