Posted by: Cory | July 22, 2009

Fruit Bats, Iran & Kevin Barker @ Zanzabar – 9/18

I can’t believe I nearly missed writing about what is going to be one of the best shows to come through town all year. Fruit Bats with Iran & Kevin Barker are playing Zanzabar (2100 S Preston St) on Friday, September 18 at 9pm for only $10/12 (available atTicketWeb and ear X-tacy).  Zanzabar is new as a venue, and it looks to be a really cool, fun place and with music like this…it’s certain to be a place you’ll want to be.

Fruit Bats are an unfortunately under-appreciated band that has been around forever, but whose time may finally be coming with the impending release of their fourth album, The Ruminant Band, set for release on August 4th.  I recall first coming across these guys through my original primary source of music information, and you might laugh at this but it was actually quite amazing… It was also responsible for my discovering The Metric Mile, Saturday Looks Good to Me and many more of my favorite bands.

Iran has one of the absolute best albums of the year so far…although only holding the #4 spot on my Top Albums of February, Dissolver is an album that continues to grow on you…that is, if you like epic rock.  I can’t help but imagine full stadiums cheering along to Iran’s epic saga as they sonically explore whole new worlds.  This band seems much bigger than they are and I can only imagine that they’ll be there some day soon.

Kevin Barker is a Brooklyn-based artist I wasn’t familiar with, but you might have heard of one of his band members…a cute little girl named Joanna Newsom.  Along with Otto Hauser, Jonathan Wilson, Pat Sansone, Eric Johnson, and Ryan Francesconi, Kevin & crew will be rounding out one of the best sets to come to Louisville in some time.

UPDATE: Message from Kevin Barker re my inquiry as to whether Joanna would be in town.

i’m not sure what my exact lineup will be for that show… probably a trio including drummer ben mcconnell, who’s played with brightback morning light, marisa nadler and espers…the people listed on the myspace are the people who played on the record that’s coming out in october – they aren’t my touring band, unfortunately. though eric johnson will certainly be there.




  1. Definitely get there early to see Kevin Barker’s set….
    …Kevin and his room mates have been kind enough to let me crash @ their place in Brooklyn a bunch of times this year while I was mixing my record in New York… He’s a great player and a great writer!…Nice guy too….
    Don’t miss it!


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