Posted by: Cory | July 21, 2009

Review: Monotonix & Spank Rock @ Siren Music Festival (NYC) – 7/18

I have been waiting for ages to see Monotonix, since I first caught a glimpse of photos from one of their performances. Then, last August I was finally going to get the chance when they were set to come with Silver Jews, who later postponed their show, prior to announcing their break-up as a band. Nearly a year later, the Siren music festival at Coney Island presented another opportunity to see the Tel-Aviv rockers, and I wasn’t about to miss it.

Arriving late to the festival, missing much of the talent that was drawing me in, such as Japandroids, Frightened Rabbit, Tiny Masters of Today, Future of the Left, The Oh See and Bear Hands…I was contented to make it in time to catch Monotonix.

There were a few things I knew about Monotonix before the show, and that was that they spend a lot of time in the crowd. Nevertheless, I was shocked to see them actually set up in the crowd. With what must be the longest and strongest cables known to man, Monotonix moved through the crowd with a fury, never spending too much time in any single location so that everyone in the crowd could catch a good view of them. Topping even that, the band spent a fair amount of time playing while crowd surfing, which is what I was excited to see. The sea of bodies packed tightly into Coney Island’s B-stage was plenty sufficient to keep the band up as well as the innumerable crowd-surfers afloat throughout the set. Undoubtedly one of the most intense sets I’ve ever caught, Monotonix is a must see!

Rather than another boring set from the once brilliant Built to Spill, I caught indie hip hop heads Spank Rock with the man himself, plus his camp in NinjaSonik and Amanda Blank. As you’d expect with Spank Rock it was filled with beautifully disgusting lyrics, three talented DJs and the lots of ajar jaws what with Amanda Blank’s deliciousness on stage.

Pics below the break (if bare butts are nsfw, consider this nsfw):


Spank Rock


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