Posted by: Joey | July 19, 2009

Review: Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band 6/30/09

Conor Oberst and The Mystic Valley Band made a stop to Louisville on Tuesday night to play their songs to a sold out show at Headliners. They brought along Michael Runion with The Royal Family Band, and Deep Sea Diver to open for them. The last time I went to a show for Conor Oberst I was introduced to outstanding opening bands, and it looks like that is the standard.

First up for the night was Michael Runion playing with The Royal Family Band. Though they arrived in Louisville as Headliner’s doors were opening, they were able to set up and play on time. They did have a few difficulties, such as a broken string early in the set, but the crowd still seemed to be pretty into the show. A few people in the crowd were their friends who came all the way from LA to see the band play for their first time in Louisville. Speaking of Louisville, they did dedicate their set to Slint. That comment perked up my ears, but seems as though it went over the heads of the younger Bright Eyes fans since it was met with minimal applause. It gave them a little more indie cred in my book though.

Second at bat were Deep Sea Diver out of sunny southern California. I had not heard this band before, but now I can’t stop listening to them. As with the last time I saw Conor, I was more blown away by the opener than by the headliner. They were playing songs from their recent CD (which has not left my CD player since Tuesday night), and it had an incredible sound. Jessica Dobson’s voice was very smooth and soothing, as were her piano and guitar playing. The two drummers at first surprised me, but it seemed to fit well. It was their first time in Louisville, and it will not be the last if I can help it. They are definitely worth listening to.
Deep Sea Diver

Then came Bright Eyes, er, Conor Oberst and The Mystic Valley Band. Even after all these years, the kids still love Conor. Even the “tweens” came out for the show, and might I add, squealed quite loudly when he took stage. Though there was a fairly diverse age group in attendance that night, and everyone in the fairly diverse crowd was hot as hell. There were quite a few times when staff were spraying water bottles across the front of the crowd to cool off everyone.  Conor commented on this by asking “Do you feel like you’re on a tropical island?” Sure Conor, I did. I felt like I was on a tropical island that is enclosed and has a bar. You will be happy to know that Conor has denounced Satan. It’s true. He had to. Conor announced that he became a godfather today and that he had to denounce Satan in order to become a godfather. One can only hope that he will star in the upcoming remake of the classic film The Godfather.

Oh yeah, they did play music during their time on stage. Conor and the Mystic Valley Band had a good sound, and it seemed like the sold out show was pretty into it. There was one person up front that I could barely see who seemed to be shouting every lyric right to Conor. We could use more people like that at shows.  The band rocked through a nice size 18 song set, including a long encore of I Don’t Want To Die (In The Hospital). It seemed a bit long, and awkward at points, but was a good closer that drew in everyone. Overall it was a good sound and a good show, as you can tell by the videos below.

Video below the break…

Air Mattress


One Of My Kind

Get Well Cards

Difference Is Time


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