Posted by: Scott | July 17, 2009

John Nolan and Mansions @ Skull Alley 07/19

John Nolan show

Flashback to 2003!  I know you and your friends all devoured the Taking Back Sunday record Tell All Your Friends and you thought it was the greatest thing since Thursday’s Full Collapse.  It’s ok.  Don’t be ashamed that you totally got caught up in the Taking Back Sunday/Brand New drama and don’t feel bad about how excited you were when you realized they used the same lyric in TBS’s “There’s No ‘I’ In Team” and BN’s “Seventy Times 7”.

I know how bummed out you were when you realized that TBS was splitting at the seems and how excited you were when you found out that John Nolan (guitar and vocals) was starting a new band called Straylight Run.  How could one band split apart and create so many other good bands?  What other treasure has the universe been forming just for you?  Oh wait, that wasn’t you?  Maybe that was just high school me…

Anyway, fast forward a few years and all these bands are still together (kind-of), but John Nolan has recently recorded a solo-record which is a much more low-key affair and you can hear some of the songs on his MySpace.  Thankfully for all those who have grown out of the “Mic’s are for swinging” phase, this new folkier stuff from Nolan is coming to town this Sunday on July 19th.

Nolan will be supported by semi-local band Mansions which has kept a higher than local-band profile since it got signed to infamous Doghouse Records.  I hope you feel warm and fuzzy about some local boys having their tunes pushed by the same people that brought you indie-pop mega-stars All-American Rejects and Say Anything.

Also on support is local troubadour Isaac Mingo who has been shaping and refining his love of songwriting for the past 5 years or so around town.  Last I saw him, he was singing some love songs pure and simple that wouldn’t have been out of place on disc 2 of Cold Roses.  Let’s hope that’s where he still is.

Plus, that’s not to mention how amazing Skull Alley is.  If you find a better venue within 150 miles for all-ages shows, I’ll call you a liar.

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