Posted by: Chris | July 12, 2009

Forecastle Festival Scavenger Hunt for Sunday (7/12)

Okay. Based on Backseat Sandbar’s experiences thus far at the Forecastle Festival… we’re giving our faithful viewers a task for the final day. Find any and all of these sights and add up your points in the comment section. We’re offering a prize that’s yet to be determined. Bonus points for pictures taken providing evidence of your findings.

If you see:

– a guy with no shirt doing ‘the hippie dance’   2 points
– a lady wearing one article of clothing not suited to the weather (i.e. a winter coat)   3 points
– a guy over 30 wearing a Bonnaroo 2009 t-shirt   2 points
– a lady wearing a flowy skirt with a pastel tank-top sporting a beer belly   4 points
– parents buying booze for their underage kids   6 points
– someone eating food from a trashcan   5 points
– a marching band   2 points
– shirts referencing Hunter S. Thompson   3 points
– a middle-aged man with a beer he clearly did not purchase inside the festival   1 point
– a lady with her skirt tied up, soaking wet   4 points
– the ‘couples grind’ (you know you’ve seen it)   1 point
– someone still tripping from Saturday’s Man Man show   5 points
– someone wearing a t-shirt of a band that has already played Forecastle   3 points
– someone watching a band   1 point
– someone waiting at the stage for a band that doesn’t play for at least 6 hours   5 points
– someone taking a cell phone picture   .5 points
– a parent that cannot get their child out of the Galt House fountain   3 points
– a guy running to a porta-potty   3 points
(BONUS) a girl running to a porta-potty   5 points
– someone wearing a Bonnaroo/Rothbury bracelet   5 points
– Chemic   50 points
– Widespread Panic   (-5) points
– Wyatt (you’ll know)   10 points
(BONUS) Wyatt NOT wearing Oakley sunglasses   15 points
– more than 20 people at the Ocean Stage (DJ tent)   8 points
– Captain J.K. McKnight   5 points
– someone that you’ve posted a Craigslist ‘Missed Connection’ about   8 points
(anti-BONUS) someone that you’re going to post a Craigslist ‘Missed Connection’ about   1 point
– Backseat Sandbar   10 points

Have at it.


  1. All of the above, I win, thank you

  2. I saw a guy standing outside the entrance everyday in the same clothes but never going in, an investigation must ensue.

  3. seems like the strangest crowd posted up right outside of the entrance. if an investigation required me to ever go back to that particular crowd… count me right out.

  4. – a lady wearing a flowy skirt with a pastel tank-top sporting a beer belly 4 points

    We stopped trying to count after we reached about 3 millions points because of this one.

  5. dang it I wish I had seen this post before sunday!

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