Posted by: Nick | July 4, 2009

More from Rothbury Festival 2009

photo4 by you.

Via Myron Koch (Peak Summit Fest):

“string cheese incident’s set last night was rumored to be their last ever, which was never referenced during their sets, but may be true. Video crew swarmed around the stage, recording multi-camera footage, perhaps for a dvd. Production in the show was punctuated by elevated platforms in the audience where neon-painted hula-hoopers did tricks under blacklights. Acrobats suspended themselves over the stage and performed rope-spinning theatrics above the band. Glowstick wars raged. Balloons and beachballs bounced above the sea of dancers. It was indeed a spectacle with an ornate light show and a big, happy audience.

STS9 was what we hit next. I’m always amazed at how they use tension and release. They were on a smaller (but still huge) stage than StringCheese, but the area was so saturated with people that it was hard to move. Not altogether unpleasant, but restricting, so we walked back through the enchanted forest, where black-lit installation art and hammocks hung from hundreds of small-circumference trees. The trees were floodlit in a deep, vibrant rotation of colors. Very cool.

Our campsite was pretty far away, so we deliberated whether to take a festaxi–which are the festival’s for-hire golf cart service for campers. We chose to save the money and walk, which gave us a chance to check out the campground vendors. They were almost as organized as the festival site vendors, but fewer of them and no ornate storefronts. Apparently, shakedown street was mostly festival-organized, instead of the impromptu marketplace that so often happens at shows.”


“this is why i started doing events, and i almost totally forgot about it. Rothbury is such a concentrated experience that it’s impossible to sum up in a few words and shots. Since i always work events, i haven’t been a typical consumer for awhile, and it’s nice to get the effect without trying to be the cause. These folks spared no expense on gen. admission, so i shutter to think what the “Good Life” vip section is like. Every detail is covered…even a miniature “garbage truck/golf cart” (complete with compactor) in the campground that rolls around picking up bagged trash from your campsite. There are plenty of water refill stations. Hundreds of porta pots. Thoughtful decoration every direction that you look, which is all illuminated at night.”

photo3 by you.

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