Posted by: Nick | July 3, 2009

Rothbury Fest Update from Myron Koch

photo1 by you.

Via Myron Koch (Louisville’s Peak Summit Fest)

“out of all the festivals and shows that ive been to, this is by far the most visually detailed, and also one of the best organized.  the layout is extremely efficient but huge…encompassing 4 stages, an enchanted forest that changes color, and top-notch sound and light production.  dudes in costumes on stilts are towering above everyone,  there may be 50000 people here, ALL camping, all in the same frame of mind…with the end goal of deliberately enjoying themselves.  everyone is fixated on that, while trying to help everyone else do that too. makes for an incredible setting fir these bands.  i feel like ive been here a few minutes, but ive already seen femi kuti, g love, disco biscuits, broken social scene, and damien marley.  the distilled energy of this event is so controlled and positive that it’s amazing.  the rothbury staff knows how to make us feel wanted and comfortable, while still educating us with minutiae ( like a volunteer at each trash station telling you if which can to use – landfill, recycling, or compost). the scene is so varied…hippies (of course), indie kids, post-rockers, willie and dylan fans, electronica-dancers…im totally surprised.  makes me really proud to be working in this industry.”

photo by you.


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