Posted by: Chris | June 28, 2009

REVIEW: MSTRKRFT @ 4th Street Live – 6/25

I reluctantly headed out to 4th Street Live last Thursday for the Bacardi sponsored MSTRKRFT set as a part of Bacardi’s ‘B-LIVE’ concert series. “Never would you come here for any other reason”, I kept telling myself. I dig MSTRKRFT… really anything with Jesse F. Keeler’s name on it. But was this trek to 4th Street Live too much? Could the show please be somewhere else?

I know I wasn’t alone in asking these questions. But let me tell you the result.

I now believe that a certain area of the downtown ‘metropolis’ is capable of housing an incredible show. Cringe.

The environment was perfect for the blasts of  ‘boom. boom. boom.’ coming over the house speakers by way of the group’s small MacBook. They pulled a great crowd, and satisfied fans on all fronts with remixes from Daft Punk, Justice, Fatboy Slim, Queen (who would have thought you could rage to ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’?), and many others. For the duration of the show the music didn’t stop once, a feat I’ve never personally lived to see until now. Local barhoppers from the 40,000 bars on 4th Street Live were drawn outside by the noise, many taking to their tables for further dance space.

It was quite the scene.

Travel far to go see MSTRKRFT.

But if you must settle on 4th Street Live to see them… no worries. It’s not so bad.


more pics below the break…


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