Posted by: Nick | June 21, 2009

REVIEW: Peak Summit Festival 2009 – 6/20

IMG_8968 by you.

We were in attendance at this year’s Peak Summit Festival that invaded the St. Matthews area on Saturday night.  It was tough to pick where to go, but we started with the Deloreans at Zazoo’s, then saw Squeeze-bot at Saint’s and ended the night with a fashion show and Arnett Hollow at Gerstle’s.  There was a bus running between the bars, but we hoofed it.  I was super impressed with all the bands and had an amazing time.  I’d love to see more of such showcases of local talent here in Louisville.  It’s there, we just need to get it out to the masses.  Check out below for some pics of some of the shows, plus some video…


IMG_8827 by you.

IMG_8849 by you.


IMG_8864 by you.

IMG_8862 by you.IMG_8859 by you.


IMG_8886 by you.


IMG_8966 by you.

IMG_8944 by you.

IMG_8991 by you.

IMG_8986 by you. IMG_8977 by you.



  1. Peak Summit was great fun as always. Paradigm was the highlight for me, but it was also so sad to see them for the last time. What an amazing band. Can’t wait for the next Peak Summit. The bus was a great idea.

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