Posted by: Nick | June 18, 2009

EPISODE III: A Six Pack with…Myron Koch of the Peak Summit Festival

For the third installment of our “Six Pack With…” Series, Myron Koch, curator of the Peak Summit Festival.  He also had his hand in the Abbey Road on the River Success and will be in charge of the camping area of this year’s Forecastle Fest.  If that wasn’t enough, he plays the sax for local band, Paradigm.  We sat back and drank some Lindemans Lambic; not exactly a six pack, but oh well.  If you look closely at the start of the video, you can see that I have titled this Episode, “A Six Back with…”  Not sure what a “Six Back” is, but i’m leaving it the way it is.  Call it artistic freedom.  Anyway, The Peak Summit Fest is this Saturday, June 20, from 8pm to 4am.  Check out what Myron has to say about it and then go enjoy the fest.


EPISODE I- Mat and Joe of Karate Body Records

EPISODE II- Jeff Smith of Crash Avenue Publicity


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