Posted by: hankwillenbrink | June 15, 2009

Beastie Boys Premiere New Song at Bonnaroo. Oh, yeah, Nas guests

Nick & I got back from Bonnaroo yesterday/today (about 1:30 am).  Our campsite was so far out that this amazing aerial shot don’t even have our cam spot on it.  We’re going to be drilling away at the big recap, but here’s something to keep baiting your breath for it (for those of you that are).  which should be out in September.

During the Beastie Boys’ set on Friday, they premiered a new track off the forthcoming Hot Sauce Committee which should be out in September.  The track features Mr. Nas on vocals who showed up to do his part when the B-Boys played live for the folks who feasted on Manchester, TN this weekend.

Nah Right has some of that shaky camera video where you can’t really make out what anyones saying.  Nick and I remember something about calling out for being a hologram.  Beyond that, you’ll have to wait for the recap.

Either way, boy, it’s good to be home.

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