Posted by: Nick | June 5, 2009

WIN TICKETS TO… Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy w/ Bacholorette @ the Red Mile Barn – 6/13

We have a pair of tickets to the Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy w/ Bacholorette show at the Red Mile Barn in Lexington, Kentucky to give away.  The show is on June 13th.  Doors at 8pm, Show at 9pm.  Tix are $10 in advance and can be bought at CD Central.  I am told that there may be a place to grab tix in Louisville soon, so I will keep you updated. Tix will be $12 at the door.

UPDATE: Tickets will be available in advance also at Underground Sounds in Louisville and over the phone through CD Central (859/233-3472)!!!!!

TO WIN… Comment below and tell us your favorite BPB song [due to the difficulty of just picking one, we will also accept your favorite style of facial hair…be specific].  We will pick a winner at random on Tuesday, June 9th.  Good luck!

I’ve notified the winner.  Thanks to everyone for their interest in the show.

Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy-Beware Your Only Friend

Bacholorette- Mindwarp


  1. Ohio River Boat Song. Granted it’s not a proper Bonnie “Prince” Billy song, but…

    Really? Just one song? That’s too hard to do!

  2. It’s not a solo BPB song but my favorite is definitely “My Home Is The Sea.” Love it. It’s so…Kentucky, oddly enough.

  3. My favorite is “Can’t Tell Me” by Kanye….

  4. No way I have just one favorite….but we’ll go with Nomadic Revery (All Around) from I see a Darkness for the intents and purposes of this little game.

  5. My favorite would have to be “Girl In Me”. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, and so incredibly sweet. One of the most human songs he’s ever done. “The you in me must love the me in you”.

  6. I’ll have to say “You Want That Picture” out of Lie Down in the Light, but I’ll concur with everyone else the difficulty of just one!

  7. Although it’s probably his shortest, I’m quite fond of “Raining in Darling”.

  8. My favorite is “Strange Form of Life” from The Letting Go

  9. I See a Darkness, no really the electricity just went out. But that’s also my favorite Bonnie “Prince” Billy song too

  10. After a long period of pondering I have decided that my favorite style of facial hair cultivated by Bonny is
    without a doubt … on second thought I’d like to change my choice of questions and say that the song “face him” from chijimi has buoyed to the top of my mind and therefore must be my “favorite”.

  11. This is too difficult, truly! At the moment, I’m digging most on “For Every Field There’s A Mole”. Gotta love the unexpected clarinet finish.

  12. HANDLEBAR MUSTACHE… with a balding head

  13. this is tough, if i had to say right now, cold and wet….very creepy tune.

    and i agree with rach, handlebar mustache with a balding head


  15. “Death to Everyone” is the song by him that first grabbed my attention and got me to start listening, so I owe a lot to that one! I especially loved the version of it done last summer at Funtown. Who’d’ve thought you could almost dance to that one??

  16. Everyone knows that my favorite Bonny song is…
    “you can’t hurt me now”, thats the thing about subjectivity you can hold.

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