Posted by: Cory | June 3, 2009

Jenny Own Youngs & Jukebox the Ghost @ Vernon Lanes – 6/6

Jenny Owen Youngs and Jukebox the Ghost are playing Louisville Friday

Jenny Owen Youngs and one-time Louisville native Jukebox the Ghost is coming to the Vernon Club this friday. Youngs started gather a big audience with her sophomore effort Transmitter Failure which showed her true growth as an artist. JTG play a peppy, upbeat brand of quirky pop music that we love at BS.

Thanks to Sean over at Buzzgrinder for turning us on to this one…

Jenny Owen YoungsLed to Sea
Jukebox the GhostHold It In



  1. i believe it is actually on June 6, not the 5th

  2. Yeah it was. Sorry I dropped the ball on the date. I was told wrong, too, and it wasn’t on any Myspaces (or anywhere else) until like the day before.

    But the show was great, and the Vernon Club was packed… which was a weird but welcome sight.

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