Posted by: Nick | June 2, 2009

Peak Summit Festival – Louisville, KY – June 20, 2009

the peak summit
Saturday, June 20th, 8pm-4am, $10 (Buy Tix Here)

The NEXT Peak Summit will be on Shelbyville Road/Frankfort Ave.  The fest will consist of 15 venues (17 stages)…and they are going OLD SCHOOL (literally) with a school bus that will shuttle you aournd the three mile stretch.

There will be over 30 bands, music artists, and comedy acts – a sweet art show – programs from both the MERGE film festival and the Derby City Indep. Film Collective – a putt putt tournament – a pool tournament – a microbrew festival – a local fashion show – an organic farmers market/green consortium at Rainbow Blossom (6pm-9pm) .

Alanna Fugate,
Arnett Hollow,
Cast Iron Airplane,
Craig Wagner,
Dr Knox,
Edgehill Ave,
Funk Out,
Hickory Vaught,
Hogan’s Fountain,
Jeff Sherman,
John Gage,
Justin Lewis,
Local Villains,
Louisville Improvisers(comedy),
Paul Moffett,
Ron Whitehead,
Soul Stew,
The Indicators (comedy),
The Pass, Town Criers,
Troubadours of Divine Bliss,
dj Rinko,
dj Shelbo
…and more.

…and you’ll get the benefits of Peak Summit’s partnerships with a gaggle of locally-owned businesses who have pledged to give you PEAK SUMMIT-ERS discounts and incentives! That’s right….focusing on LOCAL music, art, and business! (small business, btw, is an ART FORM)

…and it’s all in support of Habitat for Humanity’s re-store, which takes building supply donations (*nudge, nudge*).


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