Posted by: Nick | June 1, 2009

No Age, Deerhunter & Dan Deacon in Kentucky Together!!!!

I can’t believe my ears/eyes.  No Age, Deerhunter and Dan Deacon are touring together and playing a show in Kentucky at the Southgate House (Newport) on August 4, 2009.   Word is that the bands will be collaborating for a “seamless piece of music, with everyone helping out with the other’s songs.”  I cannot wait for this show. One of my favorite live acts + my top album of last year + a band I’ve wanted to see live, but keep missing the opportunity.  This show has the formula to be one of the best nights of all time [note: must check expectations].  There is only a week’s worth of dates and two of them are within driving distance of Louisville, KY.  I don’t think I can handle the back-to-back, but after the Southgate show, the bands head to Bloomington, IN (Rhinos) for a show the next night.  I couldn’t find any ticket info, but as soon as I do, I’ll let you know.  Comment below for carpool options.  I’ll probably have a seat or two.

No Age- Eraser

Deerhunter- Nothing Ever Happened

Dan Deacon- Padding Ghost



08-01 Medford, NJ – Flying W Airport & Pool
08-02 Brooklyn, NY – Jelly Space 2009
08-03 Millvale, PA – Mr. Smalls Theatre
08-04 Newport, KY – Southgate House
08-05 Bloomington, IN – Rhinos

08-06 Madison, WI – UW Madison Memorial Terrace
08-07 Milwaukee, WI – Turner Hall Ballroom


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