Posted by: Nick | May 30, 2009

REVIEW: Gomez @ Headliner’s – 5/27

I need to quit being surprised when I go to Headliner’s and see it packed on a Wednesday.  Production Simple, the folks who booked the show, have a knack for bringing acts to town that have drawing power, regardless of the night (that is their job, right?).  Considering how weird Louisville fans can be sometimes, myself included, they are doing all right.  Perhaps it was because I was not that familiar with Gomez, but…wait for it…I was surprised to see how many people showed up.  The balcony was open and people were shoulder to shoulder all the way back to the bar.  Not only that, they were singing along to every word.  Normally that bothers me, but Gomez is a “sing-along-to-band.”  Packed with a lot of La-La-La’s and Fa-Fa-Fa’s, Gomez plays that spirited pop-rock, perfect for a drive, and even better if your girlfriend is in the car and is sick of your depressing folk-rock (i.e. “another Elliott Smith track?”).  The band’s stage presence was fine, but nothing dramatic.  That’s okay with me because I’d rather see a band that just plays their stuff, than see a band trying to force a rock star image.  In sum, I wasn’t blown away, I probably wont see them when I’m at Bonnaroo, and they are not likely to shuffle on my iPod through the Genius app, but I respect what they are doing and from the crowd there, they are doing all right for themselves.

more pics below the break…


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