Posted by: Nick | May 29, 2009

REVIEW: Meat Puppets @ Waterfront Park – 5/27

The legendary Meat Puppets headlined Waterfront Wednesday here in Louisville on May 27, 2009.  They were here in March of last year with Built to Spill at Headliner’s of which Cory highly approved.  I had no good reason to miss it, so I was there, front and center.  I enjoyed the Waterfront Wednesday atmosphere just as much as the music.  As usual, it was packed and everyone was enjoying the good weather and a beer or two (or three).    I liked the Meat Puppets’ set, if for no other reason than nostalgia.  As with a lot of people, I was introduced to them through Nirvana’s epic MTV Unplugged show, so it was a great experience to hear those familiar songs like Plateau (video below) and at the same time, grow an appreciation for their music outside of that connection.    Anyone who can rock in a t-shirt and warm-up pants and still be taken seriously can have my vote.

More pics below the break…


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