Posted by: Nick | May 27, 2009

PHOTO REVIEW: Kentucky Reggae Festival – 5/23-24

REVIEW: Kentucky Reggae Festival:
(photos by Noelle Bailey)

The Kentucky Reggae Festival was this past weekend and we were in attendance.  We lucked out with a beautiful Memorial Day weekend, with only a few scattered showers.  The Reggae Fest is always a great time, and this year was not exception.  After a little shopping at the stands set up with everything from Shea Butter to knock-off sunglasses, we headed to the stage for De Hurricane Band.  It seemed like each group had to do the standard Marley and Jimmy Cliff covers, but occasionally they branched out.  After De Hurricane blew everyone away (just had to), we sat behind the stage for a bit and watched the sun set along the river.  We also saw a lot of hacky sacking, twirling of sticks (does that activity have a name) and a lot of lounging.  Next stop was the Jamaican Association dinner line.  There were a number of food tents set up, but this one had a line 40 people deep, while the others were almost empty.  I knew it had to be good.  Jerk Chicken Dinner + Jerk Hamburger + Fried Plantains + Kizito Cookie (snicker-doodle) + Reggae playing in the distance  = the closest I have been to Jamaica since a cruise in 2002.  The night closed off with another great set.  There was some fantasic people watching as everyone was dancing, albeit at different levels of talent.  Hope you had a chance to make it down to the Water Tower and visit the fest.  Enjoy the pics…




  1. Thanks for leaving a review..this is the only picture and review I’ve seen of this festival!!

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