Posted by: Nick | May 27, 2009

Meat Puppets w/ The Features & The Broken Spurs @ Waterfront Park – 5/27

Meat Puppets + The Features + The Broken Spurs + Waterfront View + FREE = Tonight

From WFPK:

Meat Puppets (approx. 9pm)
In 2007, with the wayward absence of bassist Cris Kirkwood a hiccup since passed, the Meat Puppets simultaneously reformed and pledged a singular fervent purpose.  Complete resurrection.   That’s no small order.

This is, after all, a band that stands out as one of the most illuminous sparks highlighting the first, and most overtly accomplished, coming of American indie rock, those golden and precious years lying roughly between 1979 and 1985.  An era so filled with purity, it reigns supreme to this day with an embarrassment of musical riches.   Many of them straight from the fingers of Kirkwood/Kirkwood/ Bostrom.

Always recognized as an extremely dexterous and deft live act, the Puppets used 2008 to continue to stretch out the new line up (with Ted Marcus now a full time replacement for founding drummer Derrick Bostrom).  Signed in early 2008 to ultra-artist friendly Megaforce Records, the Puppets found themselves once again at work exploring the vast creative landscape that has defined the band since it burst forth with its majestic debut for SST, Meat Puppets.  In between last year’s tour outings, the Puppets wrote and recorded a new album, Sewn Together, the trio’s second full length in little less than two years.

Read more bio at the band’s myspace page.

Official Site

Check out some videos at the band’s Youtube page


The Features (approx. 7:30pm)
It’s been four years since Nashville, TN’s best kept secret The Features snuck onto our speakers with their critically lauded debut, Exhibit A.  The record strengthened their already rabid hometown cult following and won over critics in both the US & UK press while shows with Kings of Leon, the Raconteurs and The Walkmen and sets at Redding & Leeds festivals showed off their brazenly flawless live show. Quite suddenly, The Features disappeared and left us wondering what had happened to the Southern four piece who were bound to become our next favorite band. But now, with trademark pop hooks and stellar songwriting in tow, The Features are returning this summer with an off-kilter masterpiece of a sophomore album, Some Kind of Salvation, due out June 9th.  The album will be distributed nationwide by Red Eye Distribution.

Ultimately, the crux of The Features is Matthew Pelham’s songwriting.

“Matt is just a great writer…he writes lyrics that people can relate to,” says bass player Roger Dabbs. “He writes everything so melodically, and he’s got a really different way of approaching things.  He just fascinates me lyrically, he really does.” Whether singing about the rise of genetically modified food in the frenetic rocker “GMF,” or softly crooning along to the swirling moodiness of “The Gates of Hell,” a song about an exciting romance on a ride at the county fair, Pelham’s songs are instantly appealing.  His singing is captivating and pure, and his honest writing style offers a kaleidoscope view into his life.

Read the full bio here

Official Site

Watch a video


Broken Spurs (approx. 6pm)
(read this entire article by Joseph Lord at the bands myspace page)
The Broken Spurs are earning fans with kinetic shows teeming with rock ‘n’ roll attitude — and, yes, beer — and a classic style comparable to “Exile On main Street”-era Stones. The band brings no artsy pretense or political preachiness, unless you consider repeatedly imploring people to rock out preaching.

“We’re all about straight rock ‘n’ roll, and we’re all about the crowd,” says vocalist Adam Kramer. “We’re solely about the crowd shaking their asses, having a good time and partying their asses off.” Before the Broken Spurs, Kramer was known for acoustic songs fit for ‘The Anthology of- American Folk Music.” He’d longed to play rock — lots of guitars, lots of distortion, lots of energetic singing — and found a like-minded band mate in Benny Clark. Clark was best known for his guitar work in the indie band Elliott, which bore little semblance to the Stones. Kramer approached Clark about starting a band in March 2007, and the duo set off to write songs and recruit members.

The attitude, powerful riffs and — yes! — guitar solos immediately caught on with Louisville music fans longing for a little pure rock in this math rock-loving city.

Official myspace page

Watch a live performance

louwaterfront.jpgWaterfront Wednesday is presented by 91.9 WFPK and Waterfront Development Corporation with support from Friends of the Waterfront. This seasons sponsors include Commonwealth Bank and Trust, Cruzan Rum and Red Hook. The show is on the Harbor Lawn at Waterfront Park and FREE to all! Gates open at 5pm. Start times are approximate.

Join us next month, June 24th, for Hill Country Revue, Jonell Mosser and Guggenheim Grotto!

No outside alcohol, No glass and please, no pets.

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