Posted by: Nick | May 26, 2009

The Minus 5 w/ Slo-Fi & Paul Burch @ St. Francis of Assisi – 9/17

The Minus 5
(Featuring Peter Buck & Scott McCaughey)

With Very Special Guests Slo-Fi & Paul Burch

Thursday, September 17th, 2009
$28, All-Ages, General Admission
1960 Bardstown Road, 456-6394

THE MINUS FIVE (a brief compendium)

Scott McCaughey. Charioteer, optometrist, master brewer, or corpse? The blatherers rage on. What HAS been established is that “McCoy” is long addicted to rock’n’roll and its variable sidekicks, at great expense to family and friends. To wit:
Young Fresh Fellows (1983 – present) – songwriter, singer, instrumentalist
The Minus 5 (1993 – present) – songwriter, singer, instrumentalist
R.E.M. (1994 – present) – intrumentalist
Tuatara (1996 – present) – instrumentalist, songwriter.

With these groups Scott has made many records (best seller: 5 million; worst seller: 450) and played many shows (highest attendance: 125,000; lowest: 8). “McOi” is always available and enthusiastic when it comes to these activities. In fact, there have been many other bands that have “benefited” from Scott’s talents (first documented stage appearance: 1972, with Vannevar Bush & His Differential Analyzers). A complete discography may never exist.

Thee Minus 5 itself started when McCaughey realized he had a dumptruckload of songs that the Young Fresh Fellows would either never get around to, or wisely chose not to. His friends and fellow Seattleites Peter Buck, Ken Stringfellow, and Jon Auer were quick to volunteer to help Scott capture his “Let The Bad Times Roll” vision, and these early sessions produced The Hello EP and Old Liquidator. Many other luminants have since joined the ranks of the Minus 5. (See Down with Wilco, the recent pop masterpiece that’s a collaboration uniting the Minus 5 with Wilco.) It’s a bit like a cancer, really.

The Minus 5- Cigarettes, Coffee and Booze


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