Posted by: Nick | May 22, 2009

Can’t Stop Listening to…. CLUES – S/T (released 5/19/09)

My brother put me on to this band a while ago after they played a “Silverlake Steps” show for We Listen for You out in L.A. (see video below).  I put off listening to them, figuring it was going to be just another obscure indie rock album that I would dismiss after a week or two of being excited about it.  I listened to a track here and there, but then I sat down and listened to the whole thing after picking up the LP at Underground Sounds.  While it might not be the perfect 10.0 that my brother gave it, it is my second favorite album of the year (behind Animal Collective’s MPP).   It released Tuesday and I highly recommend checking out the tracks below and then picking up a copy.  A five member band consisting of an ex-Unicorns member (Alden Penner) and an ex-Arcade Fire member (Brenden Reed), they alreay had a lot to live up to  in this release and they successfully created a masterpiece that stands by itself and not an extension of their former bands.  I’m crossing my fingers that they tour somewhere close to here because I can only imagine how amazing they will be live.

Back to wearing a this vinyl thin.

Clues- Perfect Fit

Clues- Remember Severed Head


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