Posted by: Nick | May 21, 2009

REVIEW: Black Moth Super Rainbow @ the Red Mile Barn, Lex – 5/19

The last time I was at the Red Mile Barn in Lexington, Kentucky was for the Elephant 6 show with Jeff Mangum.  While that show is almost impossible to top, I had an amazing time at the Black Moth Super Rainbow show there on Tuesday night.  I can’t tell you how many people have recommended this band to me over the past year, so I had to check them out, especially considering their new album, Eating Us, drops this month.  Their sound is a soupy blend of electronic beats, synthed vocals, solid rock n’ roll, folk, pop, and plain craziness.  The five person band was visually impressive as well.  From the drummer decked out as a ninja to projected images of everything from puppets to ICP fans to frontman, Tobacco (a/k/a Tom Fec), sitting indian-style the whole show and singing through a vocorder, it was unlike anything I’ve seen.  They have already had the benefit of opening for The Flaming Lips in 2007 and I can only imagine the success they will have after Eating Us, quite possibly one of my top albums of this year.  If the crowd at the Red Mile Barn is any indication, BMSR’s continued growth is a guarantee.

I missed the openers, Bedtime and Tiny Fights, but Matt at You Ain’t No Picasso had great things to say about both bands here and here.


  1. Born on a Day
  2. Melt Me
  3. Tooth Decay
  4. Fields are Breathing
  5. Dark Bubbles
  6. We are Pagans
  7. Sun Lips
  8. Trees & Colors
  9. The Sticky
  10. Twin of Myself
  11. Zodiac Girls
  12. Spiracle
  13. Iron Lemonade


  1. Caterpillar House
  2. Forever Heavy

More Pics and Video below the break…


  1. Thank you for this post! I was dying to know the set list and figured it would disappear in time. Pictures and videos are stellar

  2. Excellent coverage, Nick! We’re going to the 6/21 show, and plan to have photos and video from that one. Should be a different vibe at Southgate.

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