Posted by: Cory | May 21, 2009

French Artist “Louisville” with Kentucky Inspiration?

I’ve been hearing a lot about the new project Louisville by French experimentalists Olivier Cavaille, Felicia Atkinson, Nikolu & others entitled Louisville, and while I knew they were French and that Louisville is a very French name, I couldn’t help myself from wondering whether there was even the smallest hint of a connection to our fair city and so I tuned it to MySpace. Much to my surprise, the first song on the playlist was the nearly self-titled LouisEville from their debut A Silent Effort in the Night and contained repetitive references to Louisville, KY and while I can’t follow every whisper Felicia leisurely says, she most definitely says Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, Slint, & David Pajo. Several other understandable references seem to have nothing really to do with Louisville including Chicago & Ray Charles, but I’ve nevertheless found the track very interesting and cannot help but wonder whether the city of Louisville has in some way inspired these musicians whether through the musical geniuses we’ve produced like Will and David or in some other way.  I’ve been a fan of French pop musicians for several years now, from Benjamin Biolay to Keren Ann & more recently Chat, and having come across this piece of particularly interesting songwriting with the Louisville connection, I thought I’d share, so enjoy and if anyone speaks french and can decipher what else is being said, let us know…

Louisville – LouisEville (A Silent Effort in the Night)


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