Posted by: Cory | May 20, 2009

Rachel Grimes’ “Book of Leaves” to get Karate Body Vinyl Release

Louisville legend Rachel Grimes of the incredible Rachel’s & more recently King’s Daughters & Sons is stepping out on her own for a moment with her solo debut “Book of Leaves” which she calls “a collection of impressionist chapters woven together with chordal themes and field recordings inspired by interactions with the outdoors”.

You know we at Backseat Sandbar love vinyl, and we’re excited to see our friends Karate Body with whom we recently recorded the first in our “A Six-pack with…” series and also recently released the amazing Bonnie “Prince” Billy & Cheyenne Mize album, Among the Gold.  Rachel’s album is getting a special edition release of 100 that includes 100 copies with handprinted sheet music so that you can pick up where Rachel leaves off.  Hopefully, the creatives over at Karate Body get colorful with this one as they have for the Bonnie “Prince” Billy & Ben Sollee releases.  No indication that’s going to happen, but we can hope.  The album has gotten a release date of Sept. 22, 2009

Rachel Grimes – Bloodroot
Rachel Grimes – Long Before Us
Rachel Grimes – Every Morning



  1. Actually, I and my parents are old friends of Rachel’s father Rick and we are trying to get in contact with him. Last had lunch with him 5 years ago shortly before my wedding. Last few year’s Xmas cards were returned. We would appreciate any info. My parents have been in poor health and would love to connect with an old friend!
    Thanks! laurie Anne Bradford

  2. I enjoyed this article thanks for contributing :) Cheers! Good job!

  3. Hi Laurie,
    My Dad just moved back here – you can call him at 690-4363.

    Give your parents a hello 0 I am sure they would want to connect.

    take care

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