Posted by: Cory | May 18, 2009

Forecastle Preview: These United States

These United States can’t seem to slow down, whether it’s pumping out album after album, or whether they’re on their relentless tour schedule which has been amongst the most rigorous of any band out there, these kids can’t seem to help but play music.  Fronted by principal songwriter Jesse Elliot, tUs have been turning heads all over with their folksy indie-roots rock and their incessant touring.  According to their website, from Aug 2005 until Dec. 2008, they’ve played 421 shows, and two albums down and one nearing it’s completion. If their songs sound melancholic at any time, it’s probably because they have no time to sleep. These kids have killed at SXSW, have toured Europe, recorded Daytrotter & WOXY sessions, and played with some seriously bigtime acts including M.Ward, Why?, Vandaveer, Blitzen Trapper, Bishop Allen, Jukebox the Ghost, and countless others. And that’s just since they’ve been tUs, because prior to that, each of these guys were in a whole mesh of other Lexington/DC bands.

Admittedly, we’re fortunate to get these guys to spend a lot of time in Louisville, but don’t take them for granted…instead be sure to catch them while we still can


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