Posted by: hankwillenbrink | May 18, 2009

A 6-Pack with Backseat Sandbar. Episode 1: Karate Body Records

Welcome to a new feature of Backseat Sandbar.  It’s called “A 6-pack with Backseat Sandbar.”  The premise is this:  Nick and I sit down with people who are influential in Louisville music over a 6-pack of their choosing.  It’s kind of like “Coffee Talk with Linda Richmond,” only we’re not drinking coffee and neither Nick or I wear a dress.

Our first episode features Mat & Joe of Karate Body Records.  If you don’t know about Karate Body, then you will soon.  Specializing in limited run vinyl, Karate Body scored a huge success with their recent release of Cheyene Mize & Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy’s Among the Gold.  And are getting ready to drop (in the vinyl sense) Ben Sollee’s Learning to Bend.

What you’re going to see is the abridged version. Our actual video is over an hour long, so until we find some place to host that, enjoy this tasting.


  1. For hosting the entire video I’d consider . Completely free site with no video time limit and retains the video quality.

  2. I enjoyed this article thanks for contributing :) Cheers! Good job!

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