Posted by: Cory | May 15, 2009

Jon Ginoli of Pansy Division @ Fuzion – 5/20

Jon Ginoli, frontman and founder of America’s first and most influential openly gay rock band Pansy Division, will be coming to Louisville’s also predominately gay Fuzion, on May 20th to perform a solo acoustic set. I recall having first come across Pansy Division back in high school when I listened almost exclusively to Lookout!, K & Fat Wreck Chords bands and Pansy Division was on the first of them. When I say Pansy Division is an openly gay band, I mean they’re very open and up front about it. The first (and only) song of theirs I’d ever actually heard (before linking the one at the bottom of this post) was before I’d had any idea of who they really were or their style. “Deep Water” was on the Angus soundtrack which will for me likely always remain the greatest soundtrack of all time (Green Day, Weezer, Smoking Popes, Ash, etc). “Deep Water” makes no apologies and I recall thinking how great it was to see such fearlessness from a band who were in totally unchartered waters. At the time I only knew that I’d never heard anything so in your face as them and had no idea they were in the process of founding a whole new genre of music in queercore. Incidentally, and just as an aside, I came across Joy Division for the first time around this same period for Nine Inch Nails’ cover of “Dead Souls” on The Crow soundtrack, and always thought there was meant to be some correlation between the bands, and considering they apparently took their name from Panzer Division, a Nazi-era military branch just as Joy Division took it’s name from a Nazi-era prostitution troupe, I’m thinking I guessed right.

Pansy Division’s “That’s So Gay” recently came out in March, and while the full band is out touring in support of the album (they’re playing Bowery for my new NY readers), including the cleverly titled track below (btw, twink is slang for gay), the Louisville show will just be Jon & his guitar.  Also, unfortunately, I’m not sure whether Jon will be playing solo pieces or whether he’ll be performing Pansy Division stuff, but I’m sure it’ll be a good show one way or the other, gay or straight.

Pansy Division – Twinkie Twinkie Little Star (NSFW!)


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