Posted by: Scott | May 15, 2009

Forecastle Preview: Seabird


You might just be familiar with Cincinnati’s Seabird without even knowing it.  Hell, you might even be a fan.  If you’ve watched an episode of Grey’s Anatomy, Numb3rs, or probably any of those other shows that are on prime-time TV, then you’ve definitely swooned to their pop gems.  Even the much-loved, yet quickly-canned show Pushing Daisies used one of their songs as the theme song.  This little bit of licensing has seen them catching national attention and they’ve definitely capitlaized on the momentum by touring like crazy.   Right now, they are touring with the Christian-crossover darlings Jars of Clay and are making a few festival appearances along the way.   If you’ve got an ear for unabashedly poppy piano rock made by well-dressed dudes, then they’ve got some killer songs that you’re going to love.


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