Posted by: Cory | May 15, 2009

Forecastle Preview: Cage the Elephant

Bowling Green’s Cage the Elephant are making the festival circuit, having recently played Bamboozle (the festival where No Doubt officially reunited) and Lollapalooza before that. However, just because they’re local, don’t assume that geography is the reason they made it into this festival. These kids have been terrorizing audiences and making a name for themselves among the major players with Billboard deeming them to have “more commercial potential” than any act they’d seen at SXSW and with Entertainment Weekly saying “like if the Kings of Leon loved Iggy Pop and didn’t care about their hair”.   The “commercial success” statement is hardly unwarranted as CTE’s “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked” made it to 32 on the UK singles chart & was a download of the week on iTunes last spring.  Perhaps as a result of the success in Britain, it seems we rarely get to catch a glimpse of these guys as this summer they’re spending most of their time in Europe. It may be unfair to say Bluesy Hip-Hop at it’s finest because I’m not sure there is anyone else in the game, so perhaps the comparisons ought to stay drawn to the intersection of G Love and The White Stripes.

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