Posted by: Cory | May 13, 2009

Forecastle Preview: THe Hackensaw Boys

The Hackensaw Boys are going to be playing Forecastle 2009. The Hackensaw Boys don’t play bluegrass, they play a Appalachian Bluegrass, which is and entirely different beast unto itself and fuse it with a lilttle punk rock to spice it up. Listening to these guys, you might be able to close your eyes and envision these guys sitting on their front porch with a can of dip, some strings and a jug (or just as easily, a scene from Deliverance). Founded by Tom Peloso who spends most of his time these days with his other band that you might have heard of (Modest Mouse). Besides their sheer enjoyment for playing, what might be most impressive is the ability of any member of the band to pick up an instrument and be more than proficient with it. I imagine that the Louisville crowd will eat this up, particularly the Widespread fans in attendance…

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