Posted by: Nick | May 12, 2009

MUSIC VIDEO: Heidi Montag (Pratt) – Black Out [a look into the soul]

I can’t go to the TV on the Radio concert tonight, so I had to settle for youtube music videos.  This piece of [art] is not only entertaining, but an interesting glimpse of mild genius.  It blends political satire with an electronic concern for the everyman….think Pride & Prejudice meets Slaughterhouse Five.  Just look at this one verse:

Black out the satellite and be my road star
You wanted anything else so show ya my heart
Let’s leave this city behind us
We can get out of here

(Let’s go)

She is clearly referring to her GPS.  It has lost its signal and they can’t get to Santa Barbara from Beverly Hills without it.  But then she decides to go anyway, despite the huge setback.  She will simply follow her heart home; a place where it may have been all along.  Below this layer, she could be referring to commercialism and the need for more of it.  If you look closely (perhaps on a second view), you can see that she is wearing a bikini at 2:15.  Without more accessories, how can she fully express what she feels?  Perhaps only during a black-out.

Here is her first music video.  Notice the clear departure from her youth and embrace of maturity.


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