Posted by: Cory | May 12, 2009

Forecastle Preview: Man Man

Man Man, one of Backseat Sandbar’s absolute favorites, will be performing at this year’s Forecastle. We caught Man Man at Headliners Music Hall back in March 2008 and at The Dame the October before that. Initially, I was intrigued by Man Man’s debut album, but it wasn’t until seeing these guys perform live that you can totally appreciate the madness that is Man Man. Perhaps most importantly, you need to prepare yourself for weirdness abounding from all corners as the insanity of the band is reflected from their crowd, with fake mustaches, fruit costumes, etc. Similarly, the on-stage barking is just one aspect of a show so animalistic and primal that you feel as thought you might have wandered by accident into an ape cage at the zoo.  OF course I mean all of that in the most beautiful and fun way possible….

I cannot recommend highly enough that you catch Man Man at this year’s Forecastle.

Catch the entire lineup with previews of each band on our FORECASTLE 2009 page.


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