Posted by: Nick | May 8, 2009

Nappy Roots w/ Skyscraper Stereo @ Headliner’s – 5/28

Nappy Roots is returning to Louisville’s Headliner’s on May 28, 2009.  Most of them are from Kentucky, so we will call them our own.  They are promoting their new album, Humdinger, so we will hear a little bit of that, plus all of the ones that put them on the map (a/k/a “Awnaw” and “Po Folks”). Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased at ear x-tacy, or  They will run $15 bucks in advance or $18 at the door.   Show starts at 9pm and is 18+.  Louisville’s Skyscraper Stereo will open (great choice!).

Nappy Roots – Good Day

About Nappy Roots:

Nappy Roots is a platinum-selling American alternative southern rap group that originated in Kentucky in 1995 and is best known for hits such as; “Awnaw (ft Jazze Pha),” “Round Da Globe,” and “Po Folks.” Nappy Roots has accomplished so much early on in their careers with their first two album releases “Watermelon, Chicken & Gritz” and “Wooden Leather.” They were the number one selling hip-hop group in 2002, as well as won various award nominations. The group consisted of Milledgeville, Georgia native Fish Scales, Kentucky natives Skinny DeVille, B. Stille, Ron Clutch, Big V and Oakland, California native R. Prophet. The once major-label sextet is now a quintet running Nappy Roots Entertainment Group (known as NREG), their own record label. After the release of “Wooden Leather” the group decided to depart from Atlantic Records for various reasons including the record label’s politics. Sometime after that R. Prophet decided to leave the group in order to pursue his solo career.

After departing from a world that once embraced them as well as loosing a member of the group, the guys decided to continue making music independently and released several mix tapes such as interscope Music. After their experience with Atlantic, the group knew that they did not want to be on a major-record label again. Time coupled with an overwhelming amount of fan feedback allowed the group to realize that the demands of their loyal fan base were not being met. The guys now faced a dilemma and after heavy consideration the group decided to work towards turning their nonchalant talk about starting their own record label and releasing quality music into a reality. Shortly after the start of their pursuit, NREG was formed. After exploring various options the group unanimously decided to choose Fontana/Universal Records to handle the distribution for NREG. With the word vastly getting around about Nappy Roots making a comeback, yet another opportunity presented itself. Nappy Roots teamed up with Greg Street and agreed to have a dual-release of their first single “Good Day.” “Good Day” is due to be released on the group’s third album titled “The Humdinger” as well as on Greg Street’s second debut mix tape album titled “6 o’clock Sertified,” which is being distributed by Interscope Records.

With all of the different paths life could have taken the group, the guys feel that they are right where they are destined to be. The group’s drive and motivation is to continue putting out quality music as well as satisfy their loyal and very much appreciated fan base. Stay tuned because Nappy Roots is back and they aren’t going anywhere!


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