Posted by: Scott | May 6, 2009

Regional Band Spotlight: Metavari (in town on 05/17)


For some reason, I am still surprised when I find really phenomenal bands who come up out of the Midwest.  I don’t know why this is given the fact that we are even surrounded by really phenomenal music right here in this town from the obvious MMJ and VHS or Beta to artists that are just a little lesser known but wholly established like Ben Sollee or Lucky Pineapple.  That being said, I was introduced to a band from Fort Wayne, IN when I was filling in on bass duties for a friend’s tour and that band was Metavari.

Now Metavari isn’t your average indie-rock band with a heart of gold.  What they ARE, is a carefully calculated, borderline minimalist instrumental band with a passion for the juxtaposition of electronic blips and the raw nature of rock and roll.  They are also one of the bands capitalizing on the recent explosion of the music scene in Fort Wayne.  If you’re looking for a reference point, I’d look to other genre leaders like Early Day Minors (who they are playing with on May 16) and my personal favorite instrumental band The Six Parts Seven.  I tend to have a really hard time getting into instrumental bands because I am a lover of the song.  I like a good story, and I typically have that desire for arc and emotion which is usually satisfied by lyrics, but there are a few bands out there that are clever enough with their melodies and instrumentation (like The Six Parts Seven) that I don’t ever feel the need for lyrics.  Metavari is definitely one of those bands.  It’s as if the music would be cheapened by even the strongest of lyrical turns or the catchiest of melodies.  And the important thing with Metavari is that this fullness and completeness in their sound is not due to the fact that they are filling every possible space with sound, or stock-piling riff over looped riff again and again, but it is because it evokes and conveys a complete emotional payload- complete with room for each note to breathe.

Just a few days ago, it was announced that Metavari has signed to Crossroads of America Records and will be dropping their new album Be One of Us and Hear No Noise on the label in August.  Here in the next few weeks, these dudes will be touring all over the Eastern US and will be making a pit-stop here in Louisville on Sunday, May 17th at Derby City Espresso.  Side Note: Has anybody else noticed that DCE has been having some very legitimate shows recently? The band will be accompanied by Louisville artists Ben Purdom and the recent transplant via-Lexington Jason Zavala.

Do yourself a favor and invest a few dollars in your ears.

Metavari on MySpace.

Metavari on Mux Tape.


May 14th @ The Grind w/ Rodeo Ruby Love & Umoja Orchestra in Fort Wayne, IN

May 15th @ The Beatkitchen w/ Yourself and the Air in Chicago, IL

May 16th @ Luminary Arts Center w/ Early Day Miners in St. Louis, MO

May 17th @ Derby City Espresso w/ Ben Purdom & Jason Zavala in Louisville, KY

May 18th @ R3V3RB in Greenville, SC

May 20th @ Circle of Hope w/ Geology in Philadelphia, PA

May 21st @ Goodbye Blue Monday in Brooklyn, NY

May 22nd @ Lit Lounge w/ Model Kit in New York, NY

May 24th @ WPTS Live Radio Performance in Pittsburgh, PA

May 25th @ Welcome Festival in Burton/Cleveland, OH

May 31st @ Pint and Slice w/ husband&wife & Chemic in Fort Wayne, IN



  1. Great post, these guys are from my hometown and its great to see how far they have come in these few years. They have amazing talent and their music is truly captivating. I live in Bloomington now, so I’m psyched to see they are coming to Crossroads of America Records. Wonderful!

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