Posted by: Nick | May 6, 2009

2nd Annual Mighty Kindness Music Festival @ Willow Park – 5/9

Art in eARTh Music Festival Schedule

11:00- 11:30 Paul Ash
11:30-12:00 A Girl named Earl

12:00-12:30 John Gage
12:30-1:00 Alanna Fugate
1:00-2:00 Earth Mamas Dance the Kaleidescope Chorus

2:00-2:30 Mother Jane
2:30-3:00 Danny Flanigan
3:00- 3:30 Teneia Sanders
3:30-4:00 Leigh Ann Yost Band
4:00-4:30 Troubadours of Divine Bliss
4:30- 5:00 Kentucky Bootleggers
5:00-5:30 The Sirens
5:30- 6:00 Nick Payne

About A Mighty Kindness

A Mighty Kindness is an online resource that brings together the sustainable services of our eco-region in KY,IN,& OH in order to create a stronger, healthier, happier community. We are putting our faith in a new way of being together…here…where we are…where we CAN affect how we live, the quality of our lives and ensure the quality of our children’s lives!

It is our belief that the greatest hope for humanity lies in a total restructuring of society starting at the regional level. The mission of a “Mighty Kindness” is to help support local earth and heart-friendly services in our region and create collective cooperation in order to build a circle of sustainability.

Our goal is to make it easier to find and connect with the organizations, farmers, businesses,artisans and individuals that are already doing their part to help heal and provide for our community.

In a country increasingly flooded with petroleum-dependent world trade and run by a handful of companies that care little for the welfare of workers, the health of our planet, or the vitality of our communities, it is vital that we regain the connection with our neighbors and support our local goods and services.

There is a better way of being together. Visionaries in our region are already enacting this dream. By supporting these agencies, businesses, farms,artisans and individuals, we are empowering the possibility of a better tomorrow.


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