Posted by: Scott | April 29, 2009

Show: The Ataris @ Skull Alley (05/27)


Anyone remember The Ataris?  I think it was circa 2003 when they hit the mainstream with their “Boys of Summer” cover, but those of us cool punk kids were into their “earlier stuff”.  Seriously though, they put out some great pop-punk records back in the day on Kung Fu Records with the most popular being Blue Skies, Broken Hearts…Next 12 Exits. From what I hear, I don’t think the line-up on this poster is correct.  I have been told that Frontier(s) are actually not playing, but someone will be in their place.  It’s just too bad MxPx isn’t playing too, right!?


  1. One of the most violent mosh-pits I’ve ever been in was at MxPx….oh the irony! Incidentally, I loved those ultra-cheesy songs like Your Boyfriend Sucks & Last Song I Will Ever Write About a Girl

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