Posted by: Nick | April 27, 2009

The Price is Right – Might is Right Night @ Skull Alley – 4/28

From the people that bring you Pabst Blue Ribbon Bingo at Spinelli’s, there’s a new game in town!! The Price is Right Might is Right Night/ Medicine Man Show, featuring artists Dave Archer and Steven Johnson Leyba, is coming to town on Tuesday, April 28, 2009, at Skull Alley located at 1017 East Broadway, Louisville, KY, 40204!!

Attendees are players chosen at random to guess the price of items in the Price Is Right tradition. Winners of that round go on to participate in a bonus round of full contact musical chairs where Might is Right, and it’s survival of the fittest. From there, the third and final round is a Sasquatchian dance off with musical accompaniment from resident organ grinder slash artist slash Tesla coil handler, Dave Archer. All players receive a prize that may be gifts donated by local businesses or cash.

How lucky do you feel?

DJ John Stamos AKA Frank the Magician will be spinning and performing. Exhibitions from local artists, bad Elvis impersonators, and fire performers will also be on hand.

Doors open at 7pm…Show 8pm…$2 Door, All Ages Booze w/id


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