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INTERVIEW with Bobby Long in Nashville, TN – 4/23

Bobby Long and Sam Bradley stopped in Nashville, Tennessee at 3rd and Lindsley as part of Bobby’s short U.S. tour (prepping for a much larger U.S. tour this summer).  We were in attendance and got to sit down with Bobby after the show.  Bobby is a British musician and sold out every show in his first tour of the States (NYC, L.A. and Nashville).  Buzz started about this musician after one of his songs was used on the soundtrack of the hit movie Twilight.  He is now  making a name for himself and making waves in the process.

Interview by Noelle Bailey:

Great show tonight.  We heard it was kind of rowdy last night.

Yeah.  It was a little bit, but I really enjoyed both shows.  It’s been great.  It’s been really, really good.

You’ve had a lot of success here and I think you’ve sold out all your shows in America, right?

Yeah, it’s kind of unbelievable to believe in a way.  I haven’t released anything and to come over here and do it is a dream really.  You know for any English artist to come to America and play is just a real …that’s the pinnacle of what you want to do.  So me being able to do it so early is a really, really cool thing.

How does your fan base in England compare to America?

I don’t know.  The shows in London were sold out, but I think it’s probably bigger over here.  I think that’s mainly down to it’s just a bigger place really.

I got a copy of what I think you’ve referred to as your “bootleg album”…

Bootleg. Yeah, yeah. Definitely.

Do you have plans to release another album maybe after the tour?

Yeah, definitely.  I’m going to start talking, when I get home, to some producers to get an album together. I’m going to probably start recording around Christmas and maybe next summer something will come out.  I want to do one straight away but I’m not going to rush into it.  If I don’t find the right producer then I’m not going to do it.

Can we expect any collaborations or guest performances on the album?

Wouldn’t you like to know? [laughing].

Well, I know you’ve written some songs with Marcus Foster, will any of that be included?

Yeah, yeah. Me and Marcus write together but we haven’t written together since last summer, since we wrote “Let Me Sign”, because we’re both so busy. Yeah, it’s a possibility that Marcus and Sam might do some singing or something but other than that we are trying to do our own thing.  We are trying to be individual.  So I can’t promise anything.

Are you touring together some when you come back?

I think we’re starting off together and then we’re kind of making our own way around which is definitely the best.  We want to concentrate on our own stuff and that is the best way to do it. We’ve got a real opportunity to really lay down our songs and make sure we can turn this into a long term thing and the only way we can do that is by doing that on our own.

It has to be exciting that you are all making it at the same time.

Yeah, but we are all very different as well and we’ve got different styles. We’re all going into different things and it’s good to bounce ideas off of other people…not in a competitive way but you can kind of look at the other person and think “God, they’re getting this why aren’t I getting this.”

Is there a song that one of your friends has written that you think, “Wow, I wish I’d written that song”?

No, not really, because our stuff is quite different.  I don’t think I could imagine myself singing one of their songs and absolutely vice versa.  I think our songs are our own.  But I love everything they do.   It’s not to say I don’t love them, because I do.  I love all their songs.  It’s just we’re all quite proud of each other and trying to do our own thing.

Have you been signed to a record label yet, or what stage is that in?

I’ve got a publishing deal with BUG Music, who is a great company, and SGO Music as well.  They’re my publishers.  And Stuart Ongley who’s great.

Is one American and one British?

Stuart Ongley is British based.  He’s a great guy. He’s got a personal relationship with me.  And BUG Music is in America. They’ve also got an English office.  Record label wise I’ve had a few meetings but I’m not going to rush because, for me, this is my life and I’m not going to rush into anything.

I know this is your last show in America for a while.  What are your plans between now and the tour in July?

This is my last show in America until we come back in July.  I’ve got some Uni [University] work to finish off which is going to be very hard to come back and do that.

I imagine that will be difficult after all this.

I’m just going to have to leave everything on the plane and get off and it’s back to reality. But I’m looking forward to it.  This kind of stuff is wonderful and it’s wonderful playing, but it’s not real life.  You know what I mean?  Real life is getting up in the morning and trying to get to work or trying to get to school.

We heard you are finishing up your thesis.  What specifically are you studying?

I do sound and film, focusing on American folk music.  The only reason they let me have an extension is because I said I was coming to America to study it. [laughing].

Is that where the Mississippi John Hurt reference came from tonight?

Yeah, absolutely.  I love Mississippi John Hurt.  But I love all that kind of stuff.  You can choose your own dissertation or thesis and I love all those kinds of old blues guys: Woody Guthrie and Johnny Cash and those kinds of people.  And I get to write something about it.  It just so happened I was coming to America now and I’ve been doing research.

We also hear you are a big Elliot Smith fan.

I love Elliot Smith.  I’d been dying to go to [his wall].  I spent half an hour walking around and signing my name on the wall.

[Of course, then we tell him they paint the wall every year and break his heart.  Then we tell him that he’ll have to come back at least once a year to resign it.  Doesn’t hurt to give him another reason to come back to the states!]

Thanks for sitting down with us Bobby, we really appreciate it and look forward to seeing more from you.

Yeah, no problem.  Now I have to go back out there and fight all the madness!



  1. Hi Noelle,

    Nice questions, I like the fact that they were not cheezy! It was nice to read. Good job.

  2. hello noelle! cute interview here and bobby, as always, is adorable and interesting! he’s got a good head on his shoulders. thanks for the great read! :)

  3. This is a great interview, you did a wonderful job :)

  4. Hey Noelle. This was such a great interview. Well done! :-)

  5. Great questions! I was lucky enough to meet him and he is extremely gracious to all his fans.

  6. Lovely interview and really great questions! It was really interesting to hear about his thesis.

  7. thanks for another great interview w/ Bobby! i can’t wait to see him in August!!! he’s so humble and grounded, it just makes one admire him even more!

  8. wonderful interview just what we like to see, concentration on the artist and his work. Bobby Long is amazing and we will see great things from him

  9. Noelle,

    Very nice Interview. You really did catch his personality. Thank you !!!

  10. Great interview. Makes me love Bobby even more. Thanks for sharing. :-)

  11. Great interview! Thank you so much for all the coverage!

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