Posted by: Cory | April 24, 2009

Derby Night: Phantom Family Halo @ Lisa’s

One of my favorite Louisville bands, the Phantom Family Halo are celebrating Derby with a show at Lisa’s Oak Street Lounge.  Initially, that show was supposed to be tonight, but the guys didn’t want to miss the Guilt reunion show or the Young Widows show.  Alongside Dom & crew will be Six White Horses, Centipede (from Pittsburgh & comprised of members from Midnite Snake), & Metal Bubbles (Sapat + Evergreen).

Far too frequently I talk to people and they’re telling they’ve been meaning to see PFH, but haven’t and lame excuses like that.  Phantom Family Halo are what a rock band should be & I cannot encourage you highly enough to catch them this weekend to top off an excellent Derby weekend all the while getting away from the big hats



  1. Hm…what a rock band should be, huh?
    I can’t say I agree too much.
    When I saw them they took like an hour of just setting up a ridiculous number of effects.
    I expected something that would blow my mind.
    I got noise; ambient post-nonsense noise.
    Noise =/= Rock n’ Roll

    Thank you.

  2. I’ve been meaning to see them, but it seems like every time they play I am reorganizing my Jonas Brothers memorabilia.

  3. I have too much time on my hands. Maybe one of these days i’ll use my time wisely… Maybe?

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