Posted by: Nick | April 22, 2009

REVIEW: Royal Bangs @ Skull Alley – 4/19/09

Royal Bangs is one of those bands that have a great album out (We Breed Champions, 2008), but you have to see them live to get the full experience.  Just like the name implies, their show is pack with percussion, but the presentation is key.  Be it the light show in the background (and in the kick drum) or when frontman, Ryan Schaefer, comes into the crowd to bang on two drums relentlessly, or the dueling guitars, they are providing ONE HELL OF A SHOW! Throw in one hell of a drummer, some synth, a bass player that can keep up with it all and you’ve got the perfect formula to gain fans exponentially.

At Skull Alley on Sunday (4/19), they literally lit the stage on fire.  After the first two songs, one of the band members asked if anybody else smelled something burning.  Turns out they blew an amp.  Even with this set-back (and obvious disappointment), the guys made due and didn’t miss a beat.  I can’t pick a favorite song, but “Handcuff Killa” (see video below) and “Broke Calculator” are up there and they played both.  A pretty good crowd showed up to see the four bands on the bill, even though it was a Sunday night (Skull Alley sells brew now if you didn’t know).  Royal Bangs weren’t headlining, so they only played six or seven songs.  I definitely could have handled more, but we are all in luck.  While based in Knoxville, TN, they are showing major love to Louisville.  On Saturday they played at Ear X-tacy as part of Record Store Day.  They were at Skull Alley back in November with Icy Demons and The Photographic and will return to Skull Alleyon June 3rd w/ I Need Sleep.  Better yet, they will be playing at FORECASTLE FEST on July 11th.  Check’em out at one of these shows.  You will not be disappointed.

more pics below the break…


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