Posted by: Nick | April 22, 2009

Reminder: Saint Fest II @ Skull Alley – 4/25

I read their press release and this fest is packed with entertainment.  I made this list as a cliff notes version: Bands, Movies, TV, Spiderman, Improv, Comics, Illusionists, Art and More.  You can get the full details below…

From the Saint Fest folks…

There’s a ton going down at Saint Fest 2! It started out as a concert and expanded to so much more!

First of all, there’s a lot for fans of local films.
Prophalactic Production’s “Welcome Back” will be on hand for those who have yet to pick up a copy, only this time, you have a chance to get it signed! Stars of the movie Brandon Ingram, Donald Sublett, Rachel Skaggs, Jimmy Tits, Mike Waters, and myself, Jason Saint, will be on hand signing copies of the film as well as special edition posters!

Also in attendance promoting the upcoming Louisville movie, “The Legacy”, will be the stars and affiliates of Prophalactic Productions, Feathered Italian Films! The Louisville acting king himself, Jason Crowe, will be there promoting the film alongside co-star Roni Jonah, TJ Moreschi and other stars of the film!

Local TV show I Eat Poop will also be in attendance recording the show, the bands, the people, etc. Co-stars Jimmy Tits and Billy Duckett will be on hand, both selling copies of their recent film “Gunther Toody’s Happy Time Fun Show”, as well as performing a show with the puppets from the film! I’m honestly excited to see what the team cooks up.

Also making an appearance, who usually doesn’t do this kind of thing… frickin’ SPIDER-MAN is gonna be there! No idea what all he’s gonna be doing, but if for some reason you want a picture with the wall-crawler, Saint Fest 2 is the place to be!

Read the rest below the break…

Coming down from Bloomington, Indiana, Micorocosm Publishing will be on hand selling several of their releases. My friend Liz Baillie goes through them, which is a great indication of how awesome they are! Be sure to pick up the “My Brain Hurts” trade, as well as any of the various comics, zines, trades, etc.
that Microcosm Publishing has to offer!

Speaking of indications, Louisville comedy improv team The Indicators will be on hand performing inbetween bands. If you haven’t gotten a chance to see them, you’re going to be surprised at Saint Fest 2 at how quick-witted the team is. Their live show is absolutely hilarious. They basically have a small idea then take suggestions from the crowd and work off of them. Absolutely hilarious.
Search for them on YouTube for a few quick laughs, but I assure you that their live show is twice as impressive!

Louisville illusionist Draven will also be on hand. I’ve heard so many good things about this guy that I can almost guarantee that his performance will bring a lot to the table. Be sure to visit his MySpace and get a look at his Walk Of Pain and escape stunts.
I’m extremely stoked to see this in person!

Coming off a world tour to perform at Saint Fest 2 is experienced rainstick artist, The Rainmaker. If you don’t enjoy this live show, you’re out of your mind.
Several strings were pulled to get the world-renound artist on hand for Saint Fest 2, so this is guaranteed to impress!

Finally, the bands! Coming off a 3 year hiatus, Chicago punk rockers Street Brats are headlining the line-up. If you haven’t heard the punk rock anthem “Destination Nowhere”, it’s one I would definitely suggest. Also headlining are Louisville horror-punk/metal icons, The Revenants.
There’s a reason they’ve been going strong for 13 years and have developed such a huge fanbase!

Co-headlining are Louisville’s resident ska band, The Kodiaks. A great, eclectic setlist will definitely bring a good energy to the atmosphere. Coinslot is coming down from Bloomington, and if you haven’t seen them, you’re missing out. I’ve seen these cats about 5 times and each time, it’s amazing.

Nowhere Fast is Louisville’s best kept secret. They’re absolutely incredible, LOADED with talent, and guaranteed to impress. For fans of darker punk rock, Sacred Sorrow is on the bill to enhance the mood. An amazing live show will definitely be brought by the Southern Indiana band.

For fans of lighter punk rock, like Blink 182, Aim For The Skies are on the bill. They have a lot of very fun, catchy songs that will get your foot tapping. On the same note, Josh Napier is bringing his acoustic guitar to Saint Fest 2 to kick some ass. Not only does he do amazing covers of Avenged Sevenfold and Tenacious D, among others, but he’s also got some great originals. Finally, coming up from Bardstown are a band that blew me away last February, Devastation By Dawn. A very impressive live show and in-your-face guitars and double-bass beats will make the same impression on anybody who gets to check them out.

And that’s it! I say that like there’s not much going on, but Jesus Christ, all that in one day? I’m scared to death right now that something will prevent this, but something this incredible is impossible to prevent. I’m sooo stoked about all the goings-on at Saint Fest 2, and hopefully, so are you.
See you there!

Skull Alley, $10, April 25th, 2k9.

– Jason Saint


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