Posted by: Nick | April 19, 2009

Bingo Night is Back at Spinelli’s – 4/20, 9pm

Bingo night is back at Spinelli’s on April 20th.  I went last month to the premiere of their bingo night and had a BLAST!  PBR’s were a buck, pizza slices were cheap and the place was packed.  Doors open at 8pm and the fun starts at 9pm, so plan ahead to get a table.  Prizes ranged from PBR gear to ceramic art that looked like it came from someone’s yard filled with a bunch of Nerds (the candy).  Not sure who will be in charge of the tunes, but last time Azns n’ Bnzs were on the turntables.

Spinelli’s is located at 610 Baxter Avenue

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  1. thanks so much for coming out to this!! we were happy to have you :)

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